Autoklub ČR: Brno Revival 2019 – a unique experience!

The Brno exhibition center turned into a racetrack last weekend. Over two hundred sports or racing motorcycles and cars raced between its pavilions at the Brno Revival • festival of speed between the pavilions, the second event of the Grand Prix series of historic vehicles. The Autoklub ČR presented itself at the Brno Exhibition Center with an information stand, where it introduced interested parties to the benefits of membership in this oldest organization in our country, which has been providing services to motorists for 115 years. The history of the Autoklub ČR was presented in an exhibition with unique period photographs. Spectators could view the vehicle of the specialized rescue system Autoklub Sport Rescue. For the smallest participants, Autoklub ČR provided the opportunity to sit behind the wheel for the first time. With the assistance of experienced instructors, the children tried out Racer Buggy Academy cars.

The races were held at the Brno exhibition grounds between 1935 and 1967, and thanks to the renewed Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia, they returned to their original location. Spectators could admire cars that raced here years ago and even meet racers who competed here in the 1960s. Among them were Otto Buchberger, Rudolf Böhm or Karel Mencl. Josef Michl, the multiple national and European champion, showed his circuit Škoda in demonstration runs. Fans of motorcycle races were pleased with the presence of the ten-time national champion Mr. Peter Baláž, and it was also possible to meet the champion of small volumes, Miloš Sedlák.

Lovers of pre-war technology admired the drives of Bugatti, Salmson Grand Sport, MG, Sénéchal cars, the Z18 Sport racing special from Brno or the aerodynamic specials Aero 750 Sport Coupé and Z4, which were built for the 1000-mile Czechoslovak race in the 1930s.

Post-war Czechoslovak racing cars at the exhibition were represented by the Aero Minor Sport, Škoda 1100 Sport, Škoda 1100 OHC and Tatra 605. The participation of 30 formulas at the Revival was absolutely unique. The oldest of them was the famous Astra 2 from 1963, followed by a number of variants MTX 1 formula with Škoda and VAZ engines and Avia AE3 was among the youngest formulas. The masterpiece of constructor and racer Václav Lím from 1980.

The famous era of Czechoslovak motorcycles was commemorated by racing machines Jawa 4V 350, Jawa 500 2x OHC, Jawa 350 2x OHC, ČZ Walter and ESO. Owners of more than a hundred motorcycles of various brands rode together in several categories. Thanks to the enthusiasts associated with the Harleyson's Club - Race Department Austria, vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles had their own category.

As part of the Brno Revival, the second event of the new Grand Prix series of historic vehicles for the President's Cup of the Czech Auto Club took place. Vehicles manufactured before 1939 compete in regularity races.


Ranking of the Grand Prix of historic vehicles – Brno Revival • festival of speed between pavilions 2019

1. Karel Kupka Senéchal SS

2. Milan Vaníček Salmson GS

3. Alois Švec MG VA Special

4. Vojtěch Masojídek Bugatti 37A

5. Miloslav Regner Fiat 509 Torpedo

6. Marketa Profeldová Bugatti T35 b NO

7. Ladislav Samohyl Bugatti 37 GP

8. František Budínský Aero 50

9. Tomáš Vališ Aero 750 Sport Coupé

10. Zdeněk Novotný Bugatti T35 b NO

11. Milan Okác Z 18-Sport

12. Emanuel Vyskočil MG M compressor

13. Milan saw the MG KN compressor

14. Vladimír Skrička Alfa Romeo 8c

Autoclub of the Czech Republic


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