Visiting regulations of the AMD campus

This Visiting Regulations of the object MASARYK'S CIRCUIT applies to all persons who enter the area of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU (e.g. on the basis of a valid ticket, invitation, for the purpose of participating in the Event, visiting a restaurant, etc.). It contains basic information about the rules for the entry and stay of persons in the MASARYKOVA OKRUHU building.

By the operator MASARYKOVA OKRUHU is a company Automotodrom Brno, as, IČO 60728825, with registered office at Masarykův okruh 201, 664 81 Ostrovačice, address for delivery: PO Box 1, 641 00 Brno.

Organizer is a company Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia, zs, Hvězdová 308/13, 602 00 Brno, IČ 023 682 69, registered at the Regional Court in Brno under file. stamp L 17921, which uses MASARYK'S CIRCUIT on the basis of its contractual relationship with the Operator of MASARYK'S CIRCUIT for the purpose of organizing Brno Grand Prix Revival event.

  1. A visitor to the MASARYKOVA CIRCLE is understood as anyone who enters the bounded premises of the MASARYKOVA CIRCLE. The area of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU means the fenced-off area of the sports field - automotodrome as a sports facility for the performance of motor sports activities in the cadastral territories of Ostrovačice and Žebětín.
  2. Entry to the MASARYK CIRCLE area and stay in it is subject to compliance with the legal system of the Czech Republic, internal regulations of the MASARYK CIRCLE, these Visitor Regulations, compliance with traffic regulations and traffic signs, instructions of the Organizers and organizers of Events held at the MASARYK CIRCLE. By entering the premises of the MASARYK CIRCUIT, each person voluntarily undertakes to comply with the provisions of these Visitor Regulations and to respect the instructions of the responsible employees of the Automotodrom Brno, as, security personnel of the premises, the organizing service and delegated officials at sports events. Persons under the age of 15 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by a person over the age of 18.
  3. Each person enters the MASARYK CIRCUIT at his own risk, voluntarily and acknowledges that motor sports are dangerous and understands that it is necessary to move with due caution in the entire area of the MASARYK CIRCUIT.
  4. Visitors to the MASARYKOVA OKRUHU area bear full responsibility for their behavior in the area. Neither the operator of MASARYK'S CIRCLE nor the Organizer of the Event are responsible for any damage to the property or health of visitors.
  5. It is possible to enter, drive in and leave the MASARYK CIRCLE only through the official entrances and entrance gates. Parking is possible only in reserved places or according to the instructions of the security staff of the area or the organizing service.
  6. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT is obliged to behave in such a way that there is no damage to the MASARYK CIRCUIT or its equipment, and is also obliged to maintain cleanliness and order and not endanger safety. It is forbidden to throw garbage outside the trash cans, empty motor vehicle oil tanks or the contents of car batteries, put away other things that are intended for disposal or landfill (especially used tires) in the area of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU
  7. Everyone enters MASARYK'S CIRCUIT at their own risk and with regard to their current state of health. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT takes note, especially with regard to their current state of health, that a higher concentration of exhaust gases may occur in the area of the MASARYK CIRCUIT.
  8. The operator of the MASARYK CIRCUIT and the Organizer of the Event reserve the right to refuse entry or to remove without compensation any person who does not comply with the instructions of the area security staff, the organizing service and the organizers of the Event held on the MASARYK CIRCUIT or whose behavior they find indecent (e.g. attacking another visitor or organizer, racially motivated chanting etc.). Persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances, persons in heavily soiled clothing, persons who do not respect basic hygiene rules or persons who have an infectious disease are not allowed to enter the premises of the MASARYKOVA CIRCUIT.
  9. Visitors, participants of the Event, customers or tenants of the premises are authorized to move only in the areas designated for them and may not enter other areas and disrupt the course of the Event.
  10. The ticket to MASARYKůV OKRUH is valid exclusively for the specified day and the Event specified on it. The ticket is only valid if it is unaltered, undamaged and complete.
  11. Further transfer, sale or disposal of the ticket without the written consent of the Organizer, or an attempt to resell it at a price higher than the ticket is printed, causes its invalidity. The holder of such a ticket will be denied entry to the MASARYK CIRCUIT or will be escorted out, and this constitutes grounds for confiscation of the ticket without reimbursement of its nominal price or other compensation. Without the express written consent of the Organizer, the Customer or the ticket holder may not deal with it in any way in connection with the promotion (including contests and consumer lotteries) of the Customer or the ticket holder or any products or services for any commercial or other purposes, even a significant part thereof. The ticket is valuable, its forgery or alteration is prohibited. The organizer will deny entry to holders of such tickets.
  12. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT is required to pass an entry control verifying the validity of the Event ticket and authorizing this person to visit the Event held at the MASARYK CIRCUIT.
  13. After the end of the Event and leaving the premises of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU, the ticket becomes invalid. The ticket holder is obliged to carry the ticket with him for the entire duration of his stay on the MASARYKO CIRCUIT and, upon request of the organizing service, present the ticket for inspection without delay.
  14. Anyone who notices in the premises or equipment of the MASARYK CIRCUIT a defect threatening the safety of persons or a defect threatening to damage property, has the obligation to immediately report such a defect to the organizing service.
  15. In case of injury to any person, anyone who notices this fact is obliged to notify the Operator of the MASARYK CIRCUIT or the Organizer of the Event.
  16. Each person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT agrees to a personal security check of their person and their luggage in order to ensure the safety of other persons and property on the MASARYK CIRCUIT. Refusal of inspection is grounds for preventing entry to the MASARYK CIRCUIT.
  17. It is not allowed to bring any alcohol, food and drinks (except for documented health reasons), bottles, pressurized objects, containers of any kind (glass or PET bottles, cans, cans, etc.), unworn clothes, political and advertising materials, glass into the MASARYK CIRCLE or glass objects, drugs, toxic and narcotic substances, excessive luggage, weapons (stabbing, slashing, shooting, etc.), chains, scissors, explosive substances (explosives, firecrackers and explosive combustibles, including fun pyrotechnics), flammables, and others dangerous objects that could cause damage to the health or property of both MASARYK'S CIRCLE and the Organizer of the Event, including their staff and visitors. The Operator of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU or the Organizer of the Event has the right to decide on the danger of individual objects.
  18. Only food and drinks purchased here are allowed to be consumed on the MASARYK CIRCLE.
  19. On the MASARYK CIRCUIT, there is a strict ban on entry outside the areas designated for the stay of visitors; each visitor may enter only where he is authorized according to his ticket or only for the purpose of his entry (e.g. Tribune).
  20. Every person entering the MASARYKÚV OKRUH acknowledges that the race track is surrounded by a fence that separates the race track from the stands (natural and seated) and that spectators are strictly prohibited from entering behind this fence. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT acknowledges that it is forbidden to cross the fence for any reason and approach the race track in any other way. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT acknowledges that it is forbidden to touch the fence that separates the racing track from the stands (natural and seated) in any way, in particular to climb on it, jump on it or lean on it in any way.
  21. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT acknowledges that it is forbidden to enter behind any security tapes located anywhere in the MASARYK CIRCUIT area, as such tapes may ensure the prohibition of entry to the race track, to such a proximity to the race track that would be dangerous for the given person life and health, to places where, for any possible reason, there is a risk of damage to life, health and property, especially due to possible construction or maintenance work, etc.
  22. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT is obliged to follow all the instructions of the Operator of the MASARYK CIRCUIT and the Organizer of the Event. The operator of MASARYKOVA OKRUH and the Organizer are authorized, for reasons of safety of persons entering MASARYKOVA OKRUH, to prevent these persons from entering any place on the grounds of MASARYKOVA OKRUH.
  23. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT is obliged to move between individual stands only along the designated paths for movement between individual stands. Neither the Operator nor the Organizer is responsible for damage caused by moving and staying outside the stands (natural and seated) and marked paths.
  24. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCLE acknowledges that a large number of people may move around the MASARYK CIRCLE area. Every person entering MASARYK'S CIRCLE is obliged to behave respectfully towards others, in particular to act in such a way as not to cause damage to others' lives, health and property.
  25. Every person entering the MASARYK CIRCUIT acknowledges that the participants of the Event, employees of the MASARYK CIRCUIT Operator, the Event Organizer, or persons authorized by them, may move around on bicycles, scooters, motorcycles or in cars (including racing cars) in the area of the MASARYK CIRCUIT and everyone is therefore obliged to move with increased caution in the area of MASARYKOVA CIRCLE.
  26. At the MASARYKO CIRCUIT, it is strictly forbidden to throw any objects onto the race track, pit lane, safety zones and related areas.
  27. Animals are not allowed on MASARYKůV OKRUH. The owner of the animal or the person who brought the animal to the premises is responsible for damage caused by non-compliance with this prohibition.
  28. Smoking is permitted on the MASARYKO CIRCUIT, unless expressly prohibited in the given area. In case of violation of the smoking ban, the organizing service may remove the visitor who violated this ban from the premises of MASARYKOVA CIRCUIT without compensation.
  29. It is forbidden to use open fire in any form on the MASARYK CIRCUIT.
  30. It is forbidden to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs – drones) on the MASARYKO CIRCUIT without the prior written consent of the Organiser.
  31. Any video and audio recordings made on, on or in the MASARYK CIRCUIT may not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the Event Organizer. Unauthorized use, transmission, narration or reproduction of the logo or trademark of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU, the Organizer and the Event is prohibited.
  32. At the Event, the Event ticket holder and/or Event visitor or Event participant: - waives all legal claims that could result from any injuries or damage caused or suffered in connection with his presence at the Event, - waives any and all rights/claims that he could raise now or at any time in the future, he waives responsibility for damage, and agrees not to take any legal action or instigate any other person to take legal action against the Operator of the MASARYK CIRCLE, the Event Organizer or any other companies associated with organizations of the given enterprise, including their branches, directors, officers, employees, intermediaries, providers, representatives and contractual partners in the event of personal injury, death, damage or loss that the holder of a passport, ticket or visitor to the MASARYKOVA OKRUHU area or a participant in the Event may suffer or cause as consequence or in connection with the presence of the holder of the ticket or passport at the establishment or in connection with his visit to the premises of the MASARYKOVA OKRUHU.
  33. It is prohibited to engage in any marketing and advertising activities that are not authorized by the Event Organizer on the MASARYK CIRCUIT.
  34. Each person entering the MASARYK CIRCLE agrees without further notice to the free use of their image or likeness as part of any video recording, transmission or reproduction of the match for commercial and promotional purposes within the framework of displaying all or part of the Event and in connection with the MASARYK CIRCLE, the Organizer and their sponsors .
  35. It is the duty of every person entering MASARYK'S CIRCLE to hand over items found on MASARYK'S CIRCLE to the Operator of MASARYK'S CIRCLE or the Organizer of the Event.
  36. Compensation for all damages caused by the visitor will be recovered in accordance with the applicable legal regulations of the Czech Republic.
  37. The operator of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU and the Organizer of the Event do not assume any responsibility for the loss of things or their theft (especially things brought in or put away) by other persons, with the exception of those things which the Operator of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU or the Organizer of the Event expressly took for safekeeping in premises specially reserved for this purpose (e.g. changing rooms). The operator of the MASARYK CIRCUIT and the Organizer does not assume responsibility for items brought in or left behind, each visitor is obliged to secure their belongings so that they cannot be stolen, including parked vehicles and things stored and left in them.
  38. In the event of an evacuation of a MASARYK CIRCUIT building, each person residing in the MASARYK CIRCUIT at that moment is obliged to follow the instructions of the persons authorized to direct the evacuation, and is obliged to act in such a way as to prevent damage to the life, health and property of other persons and, furthermore, not to incite panic among by other persons evacuated from the area of MASARYKOVA OKRUHU.
  39. The visitor acknowledges that a camera system is installed in the area of the MASARYKOVA CIRCUIT for security purposes and for monitoring and ensuring traffic on the race track.

In Brno on 1 December 2023