Special provisions

Technical condition of the vehicle
must match the design that corresponds to the given category. A vehicle in poor technical condition, e.g. with visible leakage of operating fluids, will not be accepted. The body must not show signs of corrosion or other damage, the mechanical parts must be free of signs of excessive wear. The vehicle must be in original condition. Special modifications, e.g. aerodynamic elements, must be documented by the driver with a period photograph, printout, homologation certificate, etc. Replicas of period cars are permitted.
For racing cars the use of a battery disconnector and fire extinguisher is recommended. Also, the fit of the seats and the quality of the safety belts, if the vehicle has historically been equipped with them, will be checked.

Safety equipment for riders
All riders in all categories will use a protective homologated helmet, matching overalls that will fully cover the rider's body (long sleeves and pants), gloves and sturdy shoes during the rides.
In the category of cars it is recommended to use a non-flammable coverall (also approved).
Participants in open cars and motorcycles use appropriate eye protection.
The same safety rules also apply to possible carpooling.

More information can be found below in the Special Provisions.