Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia

To be established of the Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia (abbreviation ČAMS) took place on February 4, 1923, and Tomáš Baťa became its first chairman. In 1924 the club completed its baptism of fire when it held two very successful events. Long before that, it was considered that a car race could be organized in the immediate vicinity of Brno, but, as the fashion of the time demanded, uphill. A suitable route was searched for a long time until they finally chose the district road from Kr. Pole to Soběšice, which was also chosen as the official track for the 1st international race Brno–Soběšice. Through diligent campaigning, it was possible to gather 54 competitors at the start and also arouse the interest of the audience. Six years of racing have earned a good name at home and abroad.

The year 1930 was marked by preparations for the premiere Masaryk circuit. From the former miserable roads, where it was scary to drive, day by day a wonderful circuit, the likes of which were few in Europe, grew up. The elite of racing from here and abroad gathered at the start, from which von Morgen on the Bugatti won the day. The attendance at the premiere of the Masaryk Circuit was enormous, and the race itself had a great response abroad and immediately secured its continuation for the coming years.

The Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia organized a large number of sports and social events. For example, a race on the Praděd circuit, Automobile Days in Lázně Luhačov, Auto-moto tournaments throughout Moravia, various exhibitions and competitions.

ČAMS was revived again in 2014 on the occasion of the Brno Grand Prix Revival at the Masaryk circuit. Since then, he has been actively working to revive the traditions of the First Republic club, organizing events and exhibitions for owners of historic vehicles.

Exhibitions and races have always gone hand in hand in Brno. The first race up the Brno–Soběšice hill was organized on the same date as the first International Automobile Exhibition at the Stadion Exhibition Center on Kounicová Street (May 3–7, 1924). The race to the top (1924–1929) was followed by the Masaryk Circuit from 1930. It was an important international enterprise, which in its level and reach surpassed everything else that had been run in our country up to that time. All these events were organized by the Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia.
Eliška Junková on a Bugatti became the hero of the day when she won Brno–Soběšice in 1926 with the absolute fastest car time of 2:29:6

The grounds of the Brno Exhibition Center were first opened to the public in 1928. Car exhibitions in the pre-war years were closely linked to demonstration events and, by extension, to races on the Masaryk circuit. However, other motoring events were held in the area of the exhibition center itself. The first mention of a motorcycle race dates back to 1935. The race was organized by ČAMS.