Club exhibitions and rides

Come to the Brno Grand Prix Revival as a club! It won't be as big as the Le Mans Classic, which we love to go to, but we want to have the nicest and most comprehensive club display of pre-1990 vintage and classic cars modeled after the big motoring events.

Why register as a club?

Three days right on the campus: the participants of the club zone will be the only ones, apart from the racing series, to be on the circuit on Friday, which is otherwise closed to the public.
Reserved Club Zone: the clubs have a safe space available directly in the paddock of the Masaryk circuit. The zone is accessible to visitors during the day, at night it is closed only to clubs.
Own "social" space: in addition to space for cars, you will have a reserved place for your own party tent or other facilities.
Overnight stay: there will be a special space for tents in the club zone, the paddock also includes showers that you can use.
Option to ride on the track: racing and vintage cars meeting specific conditions can participate in 4 free runs around the track during the race weekend.

Who can apply?

You have to be organized. The club must have its own representative and contact person, but it is not necessary for it to have its own legal personality.
Cars – you must be at least three. This is the lowest number of cars that you can present as a separate club in the club zone.

Conditions and restrictions on participation

Participation is limited by the year of manufacture of cars up to 1990. In exceptional cases (rare cars with a younger production date) we can grant you an exception. All cars must be in period condition, tuning is not permitted. If your vehicle has period modifications, we may ask you to prove their authenticity.
Participation throughout the event. It is necessary to arrive in the club zone by 8 pm on Friday and it is not possible to leave until 5 pm on Sunday.

How about the track rides?

During the weekend, a total of 4 rides with a duration of approx. 15 minutes are listed for historic racing touring cars with a capacity of 50 cars.
Rides are strictly listed for sports and historic cars that meet requirements.
The number of ride participants is limited. If the capacity is filled, we reserve the right to select cars for the trips according to our own criteria. In case of cancellation of participation in the ride by us, the participant is entitled to a full refund of the entry fee.
In case of non-compliance with the conditions or non-participation in the event, the entry fee is not refunded.

Price list - all listed prices for 3 days

until 16.6.2024

Club registration 1)

2,990 CZK

Exhibited car and 2 people 2)

1,990 CZK

Displayed car + 4 rides and 3 people 3)

7,990 CZK

another person 4)

990 CZK

another private car in the club zone 5)

890 CZK

another car in the VIP parking lot 5)

CZK 490

1) One-time fee for club participation regardless of the number of cars displayed
2) Entry for 2 persons (driver and companion) belongs to each registered car. The issuance of wristbands for entry to the event will be subject to the physical presence of the registered vehicle.
3) If the car in question meets the conditions for participation in the rides, you can register as a driver. Each registration includes entry for 3 people (rider and 2x companions).
4) In case you need more tickets for an escort than the given registration includes, you can buy additional tickets for these people (the maximum number of additional people is 3).
5) Parking a second car is ideal if you don't want to stay on the circuit overnight and need to be mobile and go to a hotel, for example, or your escort will arrive in another personal vehicle. You can choose two options – parking in the depot near the club zone (the car will be parked in a reserved area in the club zone outside the club stand, the trailer will be parked outside the club zone in the area designated for parking trailers) or in the VIP parking lot behind stands T3 and T5. You can park for free in the main parking lots for the public (T1 behind the bridge or VN at the main entrance).

Registration procedure

The club representative will complete the club registration and pay the club registration fee. As part of this fee, the club gets a space of 9x10 m for the background and at the same time undertakes to register at least three cars. If the club registers more than three vehicles, its space will be increased. This space is intended only for the presentation of the club and the exhibition of registered cars. It is not possible to set up tents intended for sleeping or to park cars. Separate spaces will be set aside for this in the club zone. If the condition is not met by June 16, 2024, the registration fee will be forfeited to the organizer.
After payment of the registration fee to our account and approval of the club registration (usually within 3 days), we will send the club representative a link to register participants. Each participant then completes and submits the registration and pays the individual participation fee for their car and its crew.
You will receive detailed information from us with a map of your club space and other organizational instructions by June 30.

Applications have been closed

Photo gallery from the 2023 Le Mans Classic