Dear friends and fans of the smell of gasoline.
In recent weeks, we faced the same decision as dozens of other organizers of motor races and other spring events. To cancel or not to cancel? With respect for the tradition that we established a few years ago with the first year of BRNO REVIVAL, we decided that

We will not give up this year's BRNO REVIVAL BETWEEN THE PAVILONS!

It means a number of changes and compromises, which we now want to present to you. We believe that even if some of them may hurt, you will be more than happy to meet and admire the wonderful machines that wrote motoring history for the first time this year. We hope that you will find the time to visit us at the Brno exhibition center. 
So what awaits us?



The event remains on the same date, but due to higher hygiene requirements, we will organize it as one day. BRNO REVIVAL will therefore take place on Saturday, June 20, 2020.



It would be difficult to fit all the rides and riders into one day so that they can enjoy their time on the track properly. In addition, building the entire track for a one-day event would be prohibitively expensive. That's why we decided that this year will be BRNO REVIVAL only exhibition, meeting and also the stock exchange.



We are very pleased that most of the regulars we have spoken to about our plan are enthusiastic. In the current situation, it is a miracle that any event of this magnitude will be able to take place at all. We can promise you that you will see all the unique machines that you were used to from previous years again this year. They just won't be moving. At the same time, we can use the space usually occupied by the track for a large meeting. BRNO REVIVAL is thus open to all owners of historic and classic vehicles - cars and motorbikes - who want to meet their friends and at the same time show their machines in public for the first time after an unplanned long winter break.



Will be! We hear from all sides that this spring was not a good one. And that because of that a lot of people work on cars and motorbikes. That is why we are preparing for you the biggest exchange since the beginning of the year, and we are sure that most of the exhibitors and sellers who had to miss the other spring events this year will gather there.


Brno Revival 2020 organizational instructions for visitors and participants can be found here.


We are primarily interested in ensuring a meeting of riders - competitors who participated in previous years of the Brno Revival. We are looking forward to them bringing and exhibiting their machines, we hope they will show off what they managed to put together during the terribly long winter. We're not going to race, we're going to exhibit, for once it's survivable.
Owners of vintage cars and motorcycles manufactured before 1990 have free entry to the area. A maximum of two people can enter the premises in a vehicle for free. Other passengers pay the normal entrance fee. The condition is only free registration in advance, a symbolic fee will be paid for registration on the spot.
We also have a special offer for organized clubs. By agreement, we will also allow them to participate in interesting and valuable cars manufactured after 1990. And we will provide them with a reserved space where they can present themselves together, set up a tent, sit down, create a background, invite comrades and friends...
We have set the entrance fee for regular visitors so that as many motor enthusiasts and lovers of the smell of gasoline as possible can enjoy this year's first major motoring holiday.

We can't tell you more right now. We are starting to work quickly and as we have new information you will find it on our website or at facebook profile.

We look forward to seeing you between the pavilions at BRNO REVIVAL 2020!


As part of the Brno Revival 2020 event organized by the Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia, zs., visual and audio recordings will be made for the purpose of presenting the event organizer. The Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia, zs., is not responsible for records made and published by other entities.