Exhibition of Czechoslovak formulas and racing motorcycles

2013 Brno Classic Grand Prix

Other thematic circuits will focus on a cross-section of the history of Czechoslovak formulas from 1930 to 1990 and another prestigious series of historic racing machines. Part of the program will also be dedicated to historic motorcycles and sidecars of all world brands, from Czechoslovak ČZ and Jawa to Honda, Yamaha to the legendary Norton, Rudge and others.

During the weekend, a total of 5 rides with a duration of approx. 15 minutes are listed for historic racing touring cars (with a capacity of 50 cars), formulas and spiders (with a capacity of 50 cars) a motorcycles and sidecars (capacity of 70 machines).
Rides are strictly listed for sports and historic cars that meet the following requirements (here is the wording of the requirements).
The number of ride participants is limited. If the capacity is filled, we reserve the right to select cars for the trips according to our own criteria. In case of cancellation of participation in the ride by us, the participant is entitled to a full refund of the entry fee.
In case of non-compliance with the conditions or non-participation in the event, the entry fee is not refunded.

Fill out the application form below via our e-shop. You will receive further information with a confirmation with a QR code via email.

Price list for exhibition rides


until 31.3.2024

until 16.6.2024

Motorcycle / sidecar 1)

CZK 3,490

4,990 CZK

Formulas and spiders 1) 4,490 CZK CZK 5,990

Touring racing car 1)

CZK 5,990

7,990 CZK

+ another car/moto of the same category 2) 990 CZK CZK 1,490
+ another car/motorcycle of a different category 3) 1,990 CZK 2,990 CZK

another person 4)

890 CZK

990 CZK

another passenger car in the depot 5)

690 CZK

890 CZK

another car in the VIP parking lot 6)

390 CZK

CZK 490

1) Each registration includes an entry for 3 people (rider and 2x companions) and one entry for an accompanying car with trailer (caravan, van).
2) "spare" can be driven with only one
3) the basic category must be car
4) in case you need more tickets for an escort than the given registration includes, you can purchase additional tickets for these persons (the maximum number of additional persons is 3.
5) parking a second car is ideal if you do not want to stay on the circuit overnight and need to be mobile and go to a hotel, for example, or your escort will arrive in another personal vehicle. You can choose two options – parking in the depot near the club zone, or in the VIP parking lot behind stands T3 and T5. You can park for free in the main parking lots for the public (T1 behind the bridge or VN at the main entrance).

Photo gallery from Brno Grand Prix Revival 2014