ADAC Historic Cup Ost

Historische Automobilrennsport Interessen Gemeinschaft Ostdeutschland, abbreviated as HAIGO, is an interest association of enthusiasts for automobile races of historic vehicles from the former GDR, i.e. East Germany. It was founded in 2004 at the autodrome in Most and brings together Easter and Mondial formula car drivers and touring car drivers who once raced the so-called Cup of Peace and Friendship. In addition to the aforementioned formulas of the brands SEG, MT, Estoniua and MTX, the same old VAZ, ŠKODA, Wartburg and Trabant cars are presented in a separate race. Their fights do not lack dramatic moments, so the spectators are treated to a beautiful sporting experience.

In early 2024, HAIGO became the ADAC Historic Cup Ost, a DMSB-sanctioned racing series with "National A" status, which continues to race HAIGO in its established form.

Official website: ADAC Historic Cup Ost – HAIGO

Saturday 13/7/2024

14.20–14.40 ADAC Historic Eastern Touring Car Cup Race 1 20 minutes
16.50–17.10 ADAC Historic Formula East Cup Race 1 20 minutes

Sunday 14.7.2024

09.25–09.45 ADAC Historic Formula East Cup Race 2 20 minutes
11.50–12.10 ADAC Historic Eastern Touring Car Cup Race 2 20 minutes

FR 11 – Formula up to 1300 cm³

St. number Vehicle Driver Nationality Stable
2 TARK- KAVOR Estonia 21-M Schulze Detlef DEU Heidicke Motorsport
5 TARK- KAVOR Estonia 21-10 Heidicke Hartmut DEU Heidicke Motorsport
71 Melkus-Taßler MT 77-3 Böttcher Dirk DEU db-Racing
89 Melkus/Thaßler MT 77 Meißner Jürgen DEU  
10 Violet EFK- E1300 Köcher Jan DEU Motte Racing

FR 12 – Formula up to 1600 cm³

St. number Vehicle Driver Nationality Stable
18 Estonia 25 Werner Heiko DEU Werner
29 Estonia 25 Pfeifer Thomas DEU Pfeifer Motorsport
61 Melkus M90 Wilms Nils-Holger DEU Williams Racing Team
63 Estonia 21 Come on Jens DEU Jens Kaute
68 Estonia Estonia 25 Kuntz Martin DEU  
90 MT-77/3 Mondial Siegert Jeanette DEU Racing Team Siegert
94 Tark-Kavor Estonia 25 Vogel Hans-Jürgen DEU Vogel Motorsport

TW 22 – Coaches up to 1300 cm³

St. number Vehicle Driver Nationality Stable
3 Lada Samara PKW Gröning Peter DEU Peter Gröning
8 Lada 2101 Reichmann Steffen DEU Steffen Reichmann
10 Skoda Favorit Janiak Lukasz POLE Lukasz Janiak
13 Lada Samara 2108 Uwe Seidel DEU Uwe Seidel
18 Skoda MB 1300 RS Jens Vogt DEU Herkommer Performance
39 Melkus Spyder PT 73 Haupt Norbert DEU  
50 Lada Samara Hoffman Dieter DEU  
52 Lada 2105 Schoenfelder Jonny DEU Jonny Schoenfelder
61 Skoda 130 RS Herkommer Jens DEU Herkommer Performance
62 Skoda 130 RS Leu Andreas DEU Herkommer Performance
69 Lada 21013 Regel Frank DEU RAS - Motorsport - Greiz
71 Lada 2105 Roth Thomas DEU RAS - Motorsport - Greiz
75 Lada Samara Brenner Marko DEU Marco Brenner
82 Lada 21011 Dross Sebastian DEU  
84 Lada 2105 Nienhold Eckard DEU Nienhold Motorsport
88 Lada Samara Borstel Richard DEU  
264 Fiat Giannini 128 Loris Antonio Papa ITA Tessaro Team

Photo gallery from Brno Grand Prix Revival 2014