Ceremonial dot for the GP of vintage cars

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, the premiere year of the GRAND PRIX of historic cars concluded with a festive gala evening with the presentation of prizes and an evaluation of the first season. President's Traveling Cup Autoclub of the Czech Republic received by Jan Profeld, who won in absolute order.

The championship was created as a joint initiative of the organizers of traditional veteran businesses and the Autoklub ČR. Jan Šťovíček, president of the Autoklub ČR, awarded them with a commemorative plaque as a thank you for their cooperation. "We continued the history when the Autoklub was at its birth Zbraslav – Jíloviště and 1000 Czechoslovak miles. This first year was very successful, we started a new tradition and you have a lot of credit for that." stated Jan Šťovíček, when he presented plaques to Marketa Profeldová and Tomáš Kalkus for Zbraslav - Jíloviště, to Karl Kupko, the organizer of the Brno Revival - festival of speed between the pavilions, to Miroslav Krejs for 1000 Czechoslovak miles, to Ladislav Samohyl and Miloslav Regner for GP Zlin.

Barbora Černošková accompanied the festive gala evening. And the word of the popular TV presenter was truly sacred. She herself started in one of the championship events, leaving from the club house of the Autoklub ČR as co-driver of Marketa Profeldová for the 1000 Czechoslovak miles. In the category of women's crews, both won the Eliška Junková Cup. Prizes were also distributed in other categories, and all participants of the GRAND PRIX of historic cars who came to the gala evening received a gift - an original print of a painting by the painter Yuriy Shevchuk.

Text and photo: Autoklub ČR

The Traveling Cup of the President of the Auto Club of the Czech Republic really has "weight" 🙂 The winner Jan Profeld had to put it down before the interview with the moderator.

Marketa Profeldová dedicated one of her prizes to Václav Kafka, the chairman of the Veteran Car Club Prague, who renewed the Zbraslav – Jíloviště tradition since 1968.

Barbora Černošková received Eliška Junková's cup from the hands of the most professional, Vladimír Junek congratulated her.

Ladislav Samohýl accepts the winning cup in the category of cars up to 1915 from Jan Šťovíček, president of the Autoklub ČR.

The music of the Pilsner Jazz Band also contributed to the great atmosphere of the gala evening.

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