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Historical formulas and cars returned to the Brno exhibition grounds


The race of historic sports cars and motorcycles Brno Revival Mezi Pavilony 2017 started from the Brno exhibition center on July 15. On the left in the picture is the Bugatti T13 car from 1922 with the number 261 of Jakub Stauch from the Czech Bugatti Club, on the right is Helge Hauk from the Austria Bugatti Club with the car Bugatti T40. CTK/Zehl Igor

Brno – After 50 long years, historic racing motorcycles, formulas and cars returned to the Brno exhibition grounds. Around ninety vintage cars and hundreds of motorcycles will be on the grid throughout the weekend, the organizers of the Brno Revival Between Pavilions event told ČTK.

The weekend event is reminiscent of a time long gone. From 1935 to 1967, races were held regularly in the area. One of the first motorcycle races was organized here already in 1935, but the golden era came in the late fifties and especially in the sixties.

Video: Historical formulas and cars returned to the Brno exhibition grounds
15.07.2017, 14:25, author: vrn/ech, source: ČTK/Brno

"The races at the Brno exhibition grounds were run on a simple track, about 1,700 meters long, right behind the main gate to the area. The circuit between the pavilions had the shape of the letter V, four turns and four straights and a uniform concrete surface," recalls Michal Velebný, one of the organizers of today's event.

Today, lovers of pre-war technology could see, for example, drives of a separate category of Bugatti cars, but also several racing cars such as Salmson Grand Sport, Wikov 7/28 S and MG Magnette.

Motorists consider formula car racing to be the queen of motorsport. At the Brno Revival event, several dozens of Formula 3 cars can be seen between the pavilions, whose races at the Brno exhibition grounds were one of the most watched domestic motoring events between 1964 and 1967.

According to the organizers, even the rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of motorcycling fans today. "It's like it's not raining, the riders are not made of sugar," one of the organizers, Karel Kupka, told ČTK. According to him, the weekend event will offer cars that are not often seen together. He mentioned, for example, Tatra single-seaters. According to him, hundreds of people found their way to the Brno exhibition center this morning alone. Visitors could also admire motorcycles, such as Jawa 500 OHC, ČZ Walter or ESO racing machines.

According to experts, the culmination of the development of racing motorcycles in Czechoslovakia was the Jawa type 673 road bike from 1967, which with its maximum speed of 260 km/h was the fastest 350 in the world championship. Antonín Kružík demonstrated this machine at the Brno exhibition grounds.


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