FIA Masters Historic Formula 1 Championship

FIA Masters Historic Formula 1 Championship is the meeting place for these cars built before 1985, the 3-litre cars that raced the Grand Prix circuits between 1966 and 1985. At that time there were no energy drinks in the world and Formula 1 races could be won with a Cosworth DFV engine or a clever constructor . The FIA Masters Historic Formula 1 Championship is an emotional event where the cars must run in their original livery and provide a huge spectacle just like in their heyday. The field usually consists of Arrows, Brabham, Hesketh, Ligier, Lotus, March, McLaren, Surtees, Tyrrell and others.

The individual classes are based on the year of production and marked with the names of Formula 1 personalities who became famous in that period - Stewart, Fittipaldi, Lauda and Head. The goal is for all participants to have someone to race with… more

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