Formula Pauer Easter – Albín Patlejch

Formula Pauer Easter – Albín Patlejch at the spring VeteranTech in Brno

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, at the spring VeteránTechná at the Motor Journal stand in Pavilion Z, as an invitation to the Brno Grand Prix Revival, you can view the Pauer Easter formula from the Cabrio Gallery collection by Pavel Kalina.

Michal Velbný writes about it in the book Czechoslovak FORMULA: "In 1973, one of the first to respond to the announcement of the C9 formula in the Cup of Peace and Friendship (PMP) was Pilsen driver Albín Patlejch. There were not enough funds to build a new car, so he set about rebuilding his retired Formula 3 designed by Ing. Václav Pauer from Pilsen. The car adopted a complete spatial lattice frame made of seamless steel tubes, a trapezoidal front axle and five-link rear suspension. Both axles had special welded weights and were sprung by externally mounted shock absorber units with concentric springs. Albín Patlejch made a new body from laminate, similar in shape to the successful Škoda formulas, but the main change concerned the drive unit. According to the regulations, he installed a VAZ 2101 engine in A1 modification into the car, which drove the rear axle via a four-speed Škoda gearbox. The front disc brakes remained located in the front of the wheels, the rear ones moved from the transfer case to the MTX wheels for better cooling. Albín Patlejch immediately turned his first start at the first PMP race in Most into a victory, and when he won again at the German Sachsenring and finished second in Torun, Poland, he took the overall victory in the PMP for 1973. From the 1974 season, the formula was officially called Easter and it was for the Czechoslovak Championship was also announced. In it, Albín Patlejch finished third after several medal positions, and in PMP he was again one of the mainstays of our national team - he finished third at Schleiz and won in Most. In 1975, the Prague driver Miran Velkoborský, known mainly for his later successful starts with MTX spiders in the Interserie series, bought the car. He finished 5th in the Czechoslovak championship, finishing in second place in the very first race behind former owner Albín Patlejch starting in MTX 1-02, and in 1976 he also took part in PMP races. Then he preferred prototypes. In 2002, the car was renovated by Jaroslav Prášek and we could see his daughter Edita behind the wheel, today it is part of the Cabrio Gallery collections of Pavel Kalina."

Photos from the archive of Michal Velebný and Pavel Kalina

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