Greetings from the Governor of the South Moravian Region

In addition to fairs and exhibitions, a number of other events of a diverse nature are also held at the Brno Exhibition Center every year. I am very pleased that for the second time they will include motorcycle and car races from all previous periods – Brno Revival 2018, a festival of speed between the pavilions.
Our region is not only a region of folklore and wine, but is also the birthplace of many great motor racers of today and history. I am pleased that this sport in South Moravia does not only mean the Masaryk circuit, but also this festival, which follows the best of history.
Motoring is one of those sports that have a tradition and background in South Moravia. I appreciate the fact that, thanks to the enthusiastic and dedicated organizers, such a unique event was created, complemented by an interesting and attractive accompanying program.
I wish the spectators an interesting sports spectacle, the riders good luck, the organizers of the race an undisturbed organization and beautiful weather and good mood for all of us.

JUDr. Bohumil Simek
Governor of the South Moravian Region

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