Legend Jim Redman visited MOTO FGR

This weekend (7/4–7/6) the Motorcycle Grand Prix Revival event took place in Brno.

The 6-time world champion of road motorcycles, Englishman Jim Redman (year of birth 1931) was invited as the guest of honor. On this occasion, he did not miss a visit to the only motorcycle manufacturer in the Czech Republic, MOTO FGR. Redman became the first driver to win 3 Grand Prix GPs in one day. He managed to win a total of 45 of them. He rode, for example, Triumf, Bortin and Honda motorcycles. On Thursday, July 3, together with his Czech colleagues, he visited the company MOTO FGR in the Ústí-Orly region. Here he saw not only replicas of older machines, but also a sharp racing Moto 3 and a more powerful FGR MIDALU special. The tour was followed by a thirty-minute presentation of the company, mainly the successful race of our team in Le Mans from 2012 and the FGR MIDALU test. The conclusion of this motorcycle legend after a tour of the company was: "I don't understand how you could develop and make such beautiful motorcycles in such a small company, I swear!" In the end, Jim received a lot of promotional
materials and signed several autographs. The owner of the company, Miroslav Felgr, added at the end: "I really appreciate such a visit and I am of course honored by Jim's statement. I don't remember a greater motoring legend ever visiting this region. For those who do not know Mr. Redman, it is as if Valentino Rossi visited the company in 50 years.

Source: www.motofgr.com

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