Museum night at the Technical Museum in Brno

Come and visit our stand at the museum night in NTM

18.00–24.00 (last entry at 23.30)

From monarchy to republic – that's what this year's museum night at the Technical Museum in Brno could be called. It will be dedicated to companies and important personalities who were active throughout Moravia in various fields (engineering, textile industry, footwear, sugar industry, etc.). Businesses, like people, have their own lives. The establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic had a great influence on them, but some of these companies still exist today. E.g. the current ČKD Blansko Holding, a.s., whose predecessor was Blanenské strojírny – an important producer of utility and artistic cast iron that was exported to the entire Austrian Empire and the German states.

So that the visitors can at least enjoy the given time a little, the program will not only accompany them period music, but also fashion shows, because fashion before and after the First World War underwent truly radical changes and because Brno was a city of wool production. In addition, those interested will be able to try the modern dance of the 1920s, which came to Europe from America - solo charleston.

In selected exhibitions, visitors will have a unique opportunity to talk with their curators.

Detailed program

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