VIP - weekend + Drive along the HGPCA service road - up to 1961 with the engine in front (Sunday 13.30 - 13.50)


  • EUR: €298.00

Enjoy the Brno GRAND PRIX Revival at full throttle and without compromise! With two-day catering in a lounge with a view of the runway, a reserved shuttle bus ride along the service road and guaranteed parking in the VIP parking lot inside the complex.




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  • non-transferable ticket (Saturday and Sunday)
  • parking in the VIP parking lot
  • entrance to stands C, F, T3 and T5
  • entrance to the depot of racing machines
  • entrance to the pitwalk during the lunch break
  • entrance to the air-conditioned VIP lounge with a view of the runway
  • two-day unlimited catering in the VIP lounge
  • ride in the shuttle along the service road
Instructions to ticket holders
  • When entering the premises for the first time, present the ticket based on it you get a wristband.
  • The ticket includes unique QR code. Do not send, give or show the ticket to anyone. Do not duplicate the ticket.
  • Driving on the service road is possible only during the reserved time for which it is purchased.