Sosnova Classic 2023

Sosnova Classic 2023 is prepared for two days, and the program on Saturday and Sunday will be the same for viewers. A possible portion of tickets will be released for sale on each day. Therefore, after the tickets are sold out, further sales will not be allowed.

The first mention of a motor race in 1903

You can look forward to regular races and exhibitions, including static exhibitions of categories:


  • Moto 1 – sports and racing until 1949
  • Moto 2 – racing until 1967
  • Moto 3 – racing until 1978 (up to 50cc 1983)
  • Sidecar racing until 1978


  • Cars 1 – GP up to 1945
  • Cars 2 – sports and racing up to 1970
  • Cars 3 – touring racing until 1990
  • Formula until 1990 or at the organizer's discretion

Static exhibitions and exhibition rides:

  • Laurin & Klement - motorcycles and cars
  • Skoda - racing and competition cars
  • MTX – racing, competition, formula and production cars produced by Metalex
  • A unique sports or racing machine with an interesting history.

Stars and legends of motor racing will also perform.
Czech and international stars have been approached with the promise of participation.
Accompanying activities for the audience include:

  • Children's zone, children's workshops and attractions
  • Ladies' "club", a pleasant gathering with music and good refreshments, which will commemorate 100 years since Eliška Junková's first race
  • Exhibition of historic aircraft during the day.
  • Sales stands with a motoring theme.

Photo gallery from Sosnová Classic 2022 lensed by Tonda Malé

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