A jewel of the ŠKODA Museum

The Škoda 1100 OHC, a car intended for sports prototype races, will be presented in the exhibition drives of Czechoslovak racing cars. In the years 1958-63 Václav Bobek Sr., Václav Čížkovský, Josef Vidner and Jaroslav Bobek raced with him and they were successful not only at home but also abroad. Škoda 1100 OHC, type 968, has a four-cylinder 2xOHC engine with a volume of 1089cc and an output of 92 hp at 7700 rpm. The five-speed gearbox is in the block with the transfer case, the wire wheels with a central nut are independently suspended in a frame made of thin-walled tubes. A total of two specimens with an open laminate body were created. The maximum speed of the car was 190 km/h.

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