Maserati 4CLT returns to Brno

The Maserati 4CL was shown to the public for the first time in the spring of 1939. The car was built with the intention of competing in Grand Prix races with the Alfa Romeo 158 and the ERA in the voiturette class. After the war, the Maserati 4CL was one of the best racing cars available in its class. Experiments with a two-stage supercharger and tubular frame led to a modified 4CLT model, which was introduced in 1948. The Maserati 4CLT was modified over the next two years until the 4CLT/50 type was introduced, introduced in the first year of the Formula 1 World Championship.

The first variant of the 4CLT type was nicknamed "Sanremo" after Alberto Ascari's victory at the San Remo Grand Prix. Luigi Villoresi and Reg Parnell then won the next five races of the season with the new Maserati. In 1949, six Maserati 4 CLTs started at the Czechoslovak Grand Prix at the Masaryk circuit. The best of them was Piero Carini in seventh place. The following year, Louis Chiron achieved Maserati's best result, finishing third at the Monaco Grand Prix. The last of these cars appeared in 1955 at the Italian Grand Prix.

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