Alfa Romeo car show

The main nave of pavilion A1 will be occupied by a display of Alfa Romeo cars. Twenty cars will present the post-war history of the car company. In one place, for example, the pleasant spider 2000 Touring from the 1950s or Giugiaro's first realization – the rare coupe 2600 Sprint, powered by the legendary two-cam inline six-cylinder, which has its origins in the interwar 6C racing engines, can be found in one place.
The famous 105 series will be represented by the GTV 2000 and Spider 1300 coupé model variants, the no less legendary 116 series with a transaxle layout, then the Alfetta GT from the rare first series, the exceptionally well-preserved Giulietta 1300 sedan and the absolutely rare Bertone Alfa 90 limousine in the Quadifoglio Oro specification with the Busso six-cylinder engine. It also powers another famous GTV6 model, the racing version of which witnesses met at the European road racing championship in Brno in the 1980s.
The modern history, which was started by the takeover of the Alfa Romeo brand by the Fiat concern, will be recalled by the 164 limousines, the 155 sedan and the 156 GTA model with the most powerful version of the legendary Busso six-cylinder engine. The current production will be represented by the sports roadster with a mid-engine 4C and the sedan Giulia Veloce.
A pair of Alfa Romeo "off-road" cars will offer a spicy comparison. Visitors will be able to compare the new product in the Italian brand's offer – the Stelvio SUV – with the rare AR51 model in pre-renovation condition. Alfa Romeo produced the AR51 model for a short time at the beginning of the fifties for the Italian army and police, a total of just over two thousand units were produced.


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