Greetings from the mayor of the statutory city of Brno

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

seeing a beautiful car in motion is almost an aesthetic experience. Its design, the sound it emits, the smell of oil and gasoline, the power that hides under its hood, all this adds up to an impression that can captivate most of us. It is not for nothing that the car has become a symbol of prestige or even an expression of its owner's personality. Fans of the same types of cars and motorcycles organize gatherings where they find new friends through their passion. In short, motoring became a phenomenon in the twentieth century that connects people all over the world.

As with wine, an eighteenth-century painting, or a vintage rifle, the beauty of an old car cannot be measured or quantified; you can only enjoy it. This year's Brno Revival speed festival will offer you plenty of such opportunities. You can look forward to a rich program in which, of course, veterans will play the main role. If you want to take a piece of history home with you, stop for example at the stock market, where you will certainly find a number of interesting antiques and collectibles.

And if you feel like interspersing your motoring experiences with something a little different, immerse yourself in the streets of the city of Brno. You can visit local museums and galleries, eat in one of our highly rated restaurants or spend the evening in one of Brno's many clubs. You will see that after such experiences you will be happy to return to us.

I wish you much success in the future.

Petr Vokřál

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