Brněnský denník.cz: The return of history. A Bugatti and a unique Hurricane raced around the fairgrounds

Brno /PHOTO, VIDEO/ – The noise of engines roars throughout the area, the smell of gasoline and diesel fills the air. The Brno exhibition center turns into a race track on Saturday. Brno Revival, a festival of speed between the pavilions, takes place there.

People enjoyed car and motorcycle veterans at the Brno exhibition center on Saturday. The Brno Revival 2019 festival took place there. | Photo: Deník / Michal Hrabal

Even on a hot afternoon, when temperatures exceed thirty degrees Celsius, visitors stand around the track and enjoy the ride of vintage cars and motorcycles. Some are nearly a hundred years old. "The races were held here between 1935 and 1967, they returned to the original crime scene. There are cars that raced here years ago, the event is attended by racers who competed here in the sixties. These are demo runs, we don't give away any prizes, the drivers don't time themselves," mentions the main organizer of the event, Karel Kupka.

It's half past three in the afternoon and Bugatti and other sports and racing cars made before 1945 are getting ready for the start. Visitors admire the condition of the vehicles and the courage of the drivers to get behind the wheel in such heat and still in overalls. "That's quite a rumble, isn't it?" a mother says to her children as one of the veterans starts the engine. Although the races are not timed, some drivers drive at full speed and even an ambulance has to go to the race track. One of the bikers cannot manage his ride and ends up on the ground. "Fortunately, it's nothing serious. He just has a broken collarbone,” reports the moderator after a while.

Hundreds of people find their way to the exhibition center on Saturday. In addition to the race track, they can also view the beauties from motoring history up close in the depot. Some drivers are making final adjustments to their machines before the start and checking the last details, others have already finished their rides and are just resting. Lukáš Panek from Židlochovice in Brno is currently stopping by the formulas. "I probably like it the most. I've driven in modern cars before, but I haven't ridden in vintage cars yet," longs for a man who also came with his family.

A bit further, motorcyclist Petr Hošťálek is waiting for his start between the pavilions. "I have already driven the Petrák Special motorcycle, it has two engines from ČZ 125 t, it is a complete original," smiles the man. He will go out on the track again with the Hurricane. "It is truly unique. Only six pieces were made, of which only five survive. They were created between 1946 and 1949," points out Hošťálek, who collects historic motorcycles. According to him, he has about one hundred and fifty of them. A Sénéchal car from 1924 also stands out in the depot. "I could have gone crazy to have him" says Kupka.

Harley lover Jiří Vober from Třebíč also likes the event. "We are here for the first time and we are excited. History breathes here, it's a great idea," he praises himself. Unique machines, which people don't usually see on the roads today, are also on display in pavilion A2 and at the main entrance to the exhibition grounds. The races also continue on Sunday.

Author: Michal Hrabal

Source: brnensky.denik.cz

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