Target race and vehicle exhibition inside the Automotodrom area

Star driving is one of the oldest motor sport activities. These proofs of the reliability and endurance of vehicles and their crews have been organized since the beginnings of motoring on the occasion of various important events. For example, star drives organized before the start of the Monte Carlo Rally or at the start of important car shows were famous, and they were also regularly listed for races on the Masaryk Circuit. The finish runs to the Masaryk circuit on Baťa tires were known.

For those interested, the destination drive to the Brno Grand Prix Revival is listed for vehicles manufactured up to 1980 and for newer sports cars (the organizer determines the possibility of personal selection).

Signing up for a destination drive gives you significant benefits:
• you can be in the area of the automotodrom from Friday to Sunday
• you get a plaque for participants
• on Fridays from 7 p.m. you can take part in a ride to the center of Brno on Náměstí Svobody together with racing cars in a single column. Return back at about 8:30 p.m
• on Saturday evening you can take part in a party with music in front of the tower
• after finishing the rides on Saturday and Sunday, you can go through the race track behind the driver (we will specify the number of laps)
• if you agree a group, it is possible to present yourself as a club (after agreement you will get space for a tent and the possibility of promotion)

We would also like to draw your attention to the catering service in our hospitality tent. There will be seating and dining options for those interested. We attach the menu in the appendix. The price is Fri 400 CZK/person, Sat 400 CZK/person, Sun 300 CZK/person. Anyone who hasn't tried scrambled eggs from our Krkovička has no idea!

destination ride (for two people Sat+Sun)
800 CZK
every other crew member (per day)
200 CZK
every other crew member (Sat+Sun)
300 CZK
catering in the hospitality tent (person/day)*
400 CZK

* meals in the hospitality tent include: breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee all day and the possibility to buy drinks and other beverages


The number of vehicles will be limited - 200 motorcycles and 150 cars.

The registration form must be filled in at all points and a declaration of responsibility for possible damage must be signed. Incomplete applications are invalid. The organizer has the right to choose vehicles that must comply in every respect with the regulations in force for allowing the vehicle to drive on public roads. Motorcycle riders must wear a safety helmet and goggles. Participants must follow the rules of road traffic on public roads.

Registration will be valid after payment. Payment details will be sent to you after the organizers have selected the participants.

On-site registration will not be possible.

Login is no longer possible 


bgp20140028 Cars on the finish line

DSC_6192 Motorcycles on the finish line