Information for participants

There will be short rides (approx. 13 minutes) on a closed track. There will be no timing and no winners announced. Each participant will drive four races - two on Saturday and two on Sunday. The area will be ready for participants from 12 noon on Friday, June 22. We anticipate the last rides on Sunday, June 24, around 5 p.m. You can sleep in the area until Monday. Riders show a valid driver's license, no racing licenses are required. Vehicles do not have to have technical licenses. It must be in good technical condition and the owner is responsible for this condition. Each machine must pass a technical inspection. Here his starting number will be pasted. A depot will be prepared for the riders in the free area A.
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Flags for riders

Yellow flag


It signals a danger on the track, it is waved at the post in front of the danger. It prohibits overtaking and riders should slow down. It is also used during the warm-up lap, where it is waved at all stations along the track.

Green flag

Track free

Waving it at a post from which there is no longer any danger cancels the consequences of the yellow flag, which must be displayed before the green flag, however. It is also used at the start to signal to the pit that riders can be allowed onto the track.

Yellow flag with vertical red stripes

Deteriorated track condition

It is posted at a post, followed by poor grip somewhere on the track (oil, puddles, ...). If it starts to rain, this flag is displayed and the marshal points to the sky.

Red flag

Stopping the race

It is posted by the race director and then by the marshals, it means stopping the race. Riders must stop racing immediately and prepare to stop.