Ferrari 246 Dino

Phil Hill, Wolfgang von Trips, Olivier Gendebien or Dan Gurney drove the Formula 1 Ferrari 246 car (production number 0007/0788F) at Europe's most famous Grand Prix. At the Brno Grand Prix Revival, the car will be presented by its current owner, Mr. Tony Smith.

The Ferrari 246 was built for Formula 1 racing in 1958. The rules for 1954–1960 limited the displacement of non-turbocharged engines to 2500 cc. The car used a 2417 cc forked six-cylinder from the Dino model, the cylinders of which were at an angle of 65°. It was the first engine of this type used in a Formula 1 car. In 1958 Mike Hawthorn won the World Championship in a Ferrari 246 and the car won second place in the Constructors' Cup for the Italian carmaker. The Ferrari 246 was not only the first flat-six engine in Formula 1, but also the first car with this engine to win a Grand Prix – at Reims in 1958 – and the last winning front-engined Formula One. This happened at the 1960 Monza Grand Prix.

The history of the Ferrari 246 (production number 0007/0788F) in data:
29 June 1958 Monza 500, Phil Hill, did not finish the race (n)
24 August 1958 GP of Portugal, Oporto, Wolfgang v. Trips, 5.
September 7, 1958, Italian GP, Monza, Olivier Gendebien, b
19 Oct 1958, GP Morocco, Casablanca, Olivier Gendebien, b
July 3, 1959, French GP, Reims, Dan Gurney, b
2nd August 1959, German GP, Avus, Dan Gurney, 2nd.
23 August 1959 Portuguese GP Monsanto Dan Gurney 3rd
13 September 1959, Italian GP, Monza, Dan Gurney, 4th.
7th February 1960, GP Argentina, Buenos Aires, Phil Hill, 8th.
19 June 1960, Belgian GP, Spa, Phil Hill, 4th.
3 July 1960, French GP, Reims, Phil Hill, 12th.
10 July 1960, British GP, Silverstone, Phil Hill, 7th.
4 September 1960 Italian GP, Monza, Phil Hill, 1st.

The car was then fitted with a twelve-cylinder 250 Testa Rosa and renumbered 0788F. New Zealand racer Pat Hoare rode with him.

1961 New Zealand GP, Ardmore, Pat Hoare, 6th.
1961, Waimate, Pat Hoare, 1st.
1961, Gold Star Championship, Pat Hoare, 2nd
1962, Gold Star Championship, Pat Hoare, 1st.

In 1965, the single-seater body was replaced by a replica of the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO body, and the car began to move among collectors.

In 1978, the Englishman Neil Corner bought the car and had the Ferrari restored to its original form from the early sixties by the renowned company Crosthwaite&Gardiner. From about 1988, he began to compete with it in vintage car races in Great Britain. Since 2000, the owner of this unique car is Mr. Tony Smith, who is a regular participant in historic formula races throughout Europe and will bring his Ferrari to Brno as well.

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