As he drives, dead birds fall from the sky…

This is what Libor Kamenický, the organizer of the Czech Tourist Trophy in Hořice, always said about his Ladepumpe. I've always thought that nothing could make a hellish noise than an English single-cylinder thoroughbred, but experts say I'll be surprised. Libor promised that he will bring the motorcycle to the Brno Grand Prix Revival in the premiere after many years of renovation at the beginning of July, so we will hear... and feel! I'm looking forward!

The DKW ULD 250 is a very successful factory racing motorcycle produced between 1937-1939. Its uniqueness lies in the design of the engine – a two-stroke split single-cylinder with two pistons of the Zoller system (the so-called two-piston) is supercharged by a piston compressor. Power reached up to 40 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. With this type of motorcycle, the German racer Ewald Kluge became the European champion in 1938 and 1939, and in 1938 he won the Lightweight class at the Tourist Trophy.

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