Formula Mondial at MotorTechna

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, the Motor Journal stand will present the Mondial Metalex MTX 1-06B formula car driven by Slovak racer Marián Rajnoha - 17-time champion of Slovakia and 4-time champion of Czechoslovakia. He started racing in 1965 with Skoda Š 1000 MB, later Š 110 L Rallye. He raced his next Alfa Romeo GTA car for 10 long years from 1973, then his formula career began. First with the Easter MTX 1-03 and MTX 1-06 formulas, and in 1987 he purchased this more powerful MTX 1-06B with a VAZ 1600ccm engine. He raced it on circuits and uphill for five years, then returned to "tin" cars. However, his car has not been idle in recent years, the Slovak driver Miroslav Čiliak successfully drove it among the historians, and now it is a recent acquisition of the museum Cabrio Gallery.


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