Harleyson's - sharply tuned Harley-Davidsons

American specials at Brno Revival

The fondness for old Harley-Davidsons from the American Milwaukee led to the establishment of branded Harleyson's clubs in Germany and the Czech Republic in the early nineties. Also in Austria, fans of old Harleys founded a club in 1993 - Harleyson's - Race Department Austria. Not only their passion for collecting, but also the joy of restoring these old "Twins" makes the ever-young enthusiasts of the Harleyson's Club pump up their pulse. You could have met some at Brno–Soběšice, such as Harley-Davidson WR 1952 (8 units produced), Harley-Davidson WR 1947 (20 units produced)... Together with their club president Peter Bonit, I am reviving the sports and racing history of the legendary Harley-Davidson brand , whether at various vintage fairs, international historic motorcycle races or a "Gypsy tour" with friends abroad. Over time, the Czechoslovakian Harleyson's transformed into Harley-Davidson ® Brno.

Harleyson's Motto: every day is a good day to race!

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