Zbraslav–Jíloviště put an end to the new championship

The 52nd edition of the legendary Zbraslav – Jíloviště race, which is currently held as a race to the top of historic vehicles, took place on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Despite the bad weather, over two hundred veterans and thousands of spectators gathered on Zbraslavská náměstí. With this event, the new GRAND PRIX championship of historic cars culminated in the travel cup of the President of the Czech Auto Club. The first place of the four-part series was taken by Jan Profeld with Jaguar SS 20 from 1936.

From eight o'clock on Zbraslavské náměstí after the handover, veterans lined up for the exhibition, Bugatti cars were gathered in the upper part, Tatrovkas below, Pragos above them, even a historic bus, in the middle of the square visitors could admire the rarest pieces, for example Duesberg J Murphy from 1929 or the Laurin&Klement 100 car from 1912.
After noon, the historic vehicles started to line up for the start and from 1:00 p.m. they completed two timed rides up the hill. The competition was regular, the driver who drove both laps with the smallest time difference won. The one with the winner Pavel Národa Jr. with the 1928 Z18 it was just 28 tenths of a second!
The Zbraslav – Jíloviště competition was the last event of the GRAND PRIX series of historic cars, which was run for the first time this year. Its creation was initiated by the organizers of traditional veteran competitions and the Czech Auto Club. The championship included 1000 Czechoslovak miles, Brno Revival – speed festival between the pavilions, Bugatti GP Zlín and Zbraslav – Jíloviště. Autoklub ČR was the promoter of the GRAND PRIX, providing, for example, the supply of technical support for the time measurement system and evaluation of results, organizational and material equipment.
The first year of the GRAND PRIX of historic cars was held in the year when the Autoklub ČR celebrates the 90th anniversary of the clubhouse in Opletalová Street. Spreading the fame of the most famous motoring address in our country was one of the goals of the championship. "In the jubilee year, we managed to return the start of the Czechoslovak 1000 miles to Opletalova street in front of the clubhouse after decades. Participants and spectators could thus enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that existed here in the thirties of the last century." stated Jan Šťovíček, president of the Czech Auto Club.
The championship was announced for cars manufactured before 1939. The winner and holder of the traveling cup of the president of the Czech Auto Club was Jan Profeld with a Jaguar SS 20 from 1936. "I would like to thank all the organizers, the first year went well and met our common expectations. The auto club was at the beginning and was the direct organizer of the famous Czechoslovak 1000 miles and Zbraslav–Jíloviště, one of the oldest races in our country. With the championship, we continued the legacy of our ancestors and paid tribute to them. I look forward to further deepening our cooperation with the organizers and other partner organizations next year," evaluated by Jan Šťovíček in conclusion.

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