Stirling Moss with a Maserati 250 F at the 1954 British Grand Prix

Sir Stirling Moss's Maserati

Sir Stirling Moss OBE, the famous British racing driver won 194 of the 497 races in which he started, including 16 Grand Prix Formula 1. He won several victories behind the wheel of his own Maserati 250 F, which will be demonstrated in Brno by Rebeca Rettenmaierová. Maserati 250 F started in Formula 1 races between January 1954 and November 1960. A total of 26 units were produced.
Sir Stirling Moss said about Maserati ten years ago: “The Maserati 250 F was without a doubt the best front-engined Formula 1 car ever built. My best race was winning in Monaco 1956 because the car handled so well. It wasn't as fast as the Ferrari, but the balance of the machine was very important and they got it absolutely right.”
A car from 1954 ordered by Alfred Moss for his son through Shell‑BP in Italy starts in Brno. The Mosses got the car in May, when Stirling Moss started with it for the first time at the circuit in Bordeaux and finished in fourth place. He raced the car for the rest of the year as a private driver and then as a factory driver, with the exception of the French Grand Prix in Reims, where Luigi Villoresi started with this car. The best result was a win in the open formula race at Aintree. The Mosses kept the Maserati with chassis number 2508 in the following years, when Stirling drove for the Mercedes‑Benz team and only raced the Maserati in a few home races in Britain. Maseratis were then borrowed by Mike Hawthorn, John Fitch, Lance Macklin, Peter Walker, Bob Gerard and Les Leston. Car 2508 was rebuilt for the 1956 season and Stirling Moss won again at Aintree. At the end of 1956, the car was returned to the factory and temporarily stored. In 1957, Ross Jensen from New Zealand bought the car. At the time, the chassis was renumbered 2513 for reasons that are unclear. Mr. Jensen raced the car in the 1958 season, and was driven in subsequent years by Johnny Mansel (1959–1960) and Bob Eade (1961–1963). The Maserati 250 F then traveled to other owners in Great Britain and the USA, where the 1954 bodywork was returned to the car in 1986. The car has been in several important private collections and is now owned by the Rettenmaier family.

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