Formula Tatra at the Brno exhibition grounds

On the 15th and 16th of July, racing engines, which were last heard here in the late sixties, rumble between the pavilions of the Brno exhibition center again. After more than fifty years, the two Tatra T 607 racing cars of Milan Zetek and Vladimír Vávra meet again here.

After the success at the Czechoslovak Grand Prix in 1949, the Tatra car company decided to build special racing cars. Under the leadership of Ing. Julio Mackerle's two cars were created in Kopřivnice in 1950. The rigid spatial frame made of steel tubes was covered by a body made of aluminum sheet, which hid the famous air-cooled OHV fork-eight cylinder later used in the Tatra 603 cars. The new Tatra T 607 racing car had its racing premiere at the Brno Grand Prix in September 1950, when Bruno Sojka finished in second place. The Tatra T 607 also went down in history with the national speed record from October 1953. Adolf Vermiřovský then reached a speed of 207.972 km/h. That year they built two more single-seaters in Kopřivnice. These cars already had a body made of laminate and the engine volume increased to 2545 cc. Jaroslav Pavelka achieved the greatest success with the single-seater Tatra T607-2 when he won the Czechoslovak Grand Prix in 1954. Single-seaters appeared together on racing tracks until 1958, when this class was listed for the last time. After that, the cars ended up in a museum or were converted into cars of other categories.

The social sports enterprise Brno Revival will present the noble beauty of sports and racing vehicles in motion between the pavilions. The single-seater Tatra T 607 from 1950 and Tatra T 607-2 from 1953 will also be presented on the track. In addition to them, spectators will see short drives of many other historic racing and sports cars and motorcycles, as well as a depot full of unique equipment.

A unique holiday for car and motorcycle lovers – Brno Revival Between Pavilions – is being prepared by the Czechoslovak Auto Club for Moravia and Silesia, which continues the tradition of the organizer of the pre-war Czechoslovak Grand Prix at the Masaryk circuit.

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