iDnes: The unique Škoda 200 RS is roaming between the pavilions of the Brno exhibition center

One of the most wonderful motoring events of the past weekend was the meeting of historic racing cars and motorbikes at the Brno exhibition grounds. See how the legendary Škoda 200 RS ran amok between the pavilions. This car is an original, no knock-off.

The Škoda 200 RS is one of the most famous and rare rally machines of the Mladá Boleslav brand. She presented herself in full splendor forty-five years ago, in 1974.

Under the leadership of Jiří Šedivý, Škoda's racing department began to build a racing special based on the 110 R coupe in October 1973. Thus, the very first Škoda car marked RS was born. The two-liter four-cylinder with OHC distribution had an output of 120 kW at 6,000 rpm. The top speed depended on the transmission, the maximum value being 210 km/h. Acceleration from zero to 100 was managed by the first Škoda RS in under seven seconds.

The racing special first received a Tatra gearbox, but later it was replaced by a Porsche gearbox. The front axle was modified, the rear with trailing arms was completely new.

The Škoda 200 RS is distinctive with its modified silhouette. Compared to the 110 R and later the legendary racing version 130 RS, the roof is lowered by 15 centimeters, which radically changes the proportions of the entire car. The car has a much more aggressive, "tense" feel. Mudguards are also significantly expanded. Body parts (roof, trunk lid, etc.) are aluminum. Thanks to this, 163 horses do not have much to do with the car, the weight exceeds the eight-kilogram mark by just a little bit.

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Before the "two-hundreds" could really get going, their career was ended after two seasons in 1974 and 1975 by changes to the FIA's sporting regulations. Then the time has come the famous Škoda 130 R.

In the video you can see the driving of one of the two preserved original 200 RS specimens. One is in the collection in the Škoda museum, this second original comes from a private collection.

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