1951 Monte Carlo Rally winning car on Revival (Auto Veteran Company)

After a long pause due to the current pandemic, the world is slowly returning to normal life. With this comes the opportunity to meet again with colleagues and friends with a passion for historic cars. The first such opportunity is the Brno Revival, which will take place this year Saturday 20.6.2020 at the Brno exhibition grounds.
We will also be happy to take advantage of this opportunity and come to Brno with two Delahaye cars that competed in the Monte Carlo Rally. Come see the car he raced himself Louis Chiron.
The site will be open to the public on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Those of you who can't make it to the event can look forward to the photos from the event, which you can find on our www.auto-veteran.com in the News section.
See you in Brno!

1952 Delahaye 235 by Antem ex-1953 Rally Monte Carlo Car

Engine: Inline six-cylinder OHV, 3557 cm3
Body: Coach by Antem
Year of manufacture: 1952

Since the 1950s, the Dunlop company has been developing a new type of tire, which was decided to be tested in the demanding conditions of the Monte Carlo Rally competition. Roger Crovetto and Julio Quinlin, who already had a lot of experience with this rally, were chosen as the crew. The testing took place in secret, and as a car they chose one of the best sports cars of the time, the Delahaye 235 with a body from the French coachbuilder Antem. The car completed the rally and was subsequently sold into private hands. In 1958 it was sold again to the USA. Here it was bought by the inventor and sculptor Mr. La Haye (inventor of the explosive screw used to separate the individual stages of the rockets of the US space program). Mr. La Haye owned the car throughout his life and
it is now in its original never-renovated and fully functional condition.
This is a unique opportunity to own a car with a perfect racing history and the opportunity to participate in the most important events.

1950 Delahaye 175s by Motto - 1951 Monte Carlo Rally Winning Car

Engine: In-line six-cylinder OHV, 4,455 cm3
Body: Coupe by Motto
Year of manufacture: 1950

Type 175 is one of the last "big" Delahays. It was the essence of a newly designed chassis and a great 4.5 liter engine. It was introduced in 1947 as the brand's upcoming "Top-of-the-line" model. This car is one of three cars produced, commissioned by veteran racer Jean Trevoux in 1950 and built by Motto in Italy (Motto was a very experienced coachbuilder who designed the bodies for the first Ferrari). The car is built entirely from aluminum and fitted with the racing engine that was used in the Delahaye factory special for the 1949 Le Mans race. It was first introduced at the 1951 Monte Carlo Rally with the crew of Jean Trevoux and Roger Crovetto. They were in 1st place in the standings and won the rally.
Later that year, the car took part in the famous Carerra Panamericana race, where for a change it was driven by one of the best racers ever, Louis Chiron.
This is an exceptional car in original condition with an engine of more than 200 horsepower.

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