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Thanks to the change in the format of the Revival, many more owners of vintage cars and motorcycles will be able to participate in the event. Of course, the core of the event is and always will be the competitors - those who have competed at the Revival in previous years. We look forward to them bringing and displaying their machines, hopefully showing off what they've managed to put together over the long winter. We're not going to race, we're going to exhibit, for once it's survivable.
Owners of vintage cars and motorcycles manufactured before 1990 have free entry to the area. A maximum of two people can enter the premises in a vehicle for free. Other passengers pay the normal entrance fee. The only condition is free registration in advance, when registering on the spot, you will pay 150 CZK.

On-site registration CZK 150 for a vehicle up to 1990 + 2 persons

each additional person CZK 150
child from 6 to 15 years CZK 70

If there are more than two of you, please add people here

Only one veteran entry can be ordered per selection!

The ticket entitles two people and one car to enter.
If additional tickets are purchased, the additional amount will appear in parentheses.
Persons must enter at the same time - the ticket cannot be split!

Arrival at BVV through gate number 4!
Entry to and exit from BVV is possible Gate #4 ONLY!!!
The gate will be open on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Please do not try to drive through any gate other than #4. You would not get to us.
The participant will have a space allocated by the organizer. Transfer is not possible. The participant is responsible for his own exhibits and belongings during the entire event.
The participant is obliged to always obey the instructions of the organizer. Otherwise, he may be expelled from the event area without compensation.

After completing orders through the e-shop, you will receive a confirmation in your e-mail with a link to download a ticket with a QR code. Then you need to register at the 4th gate.

Brno Revival 2020 organizational instructions for visitors and participants

As part of the Brno Revival 2020 event organized by the Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia, zs., visual and audio recordings will be made for the purpose of presenting the event organizer. The Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia, zs., is not responsible for records made and published by other entities.

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