Brabham BT2

After the success of the first prototypes in Formula Junior, in 1962 the company Motor Racing Developments started to produce a racing car known as Brabham Junior and today also referred to as BT2. 11 units were sold worldwide. The first BT2 was bought by Briggs Cunningham to the United States. Other cars were bought by Frank Gardner and Gavin Youl, and another couple went to France, where Jean Moench and Jo Schlesser drove them. In particular, the excellent results of Schlesser and Gardner led to the sale of five more cars. The Brabham BT2 with production number FJ-8-62 was probably the next car for Frank Gardner and first appeared on the track on April 7, 1962 at Outlon Park. It may even be his repaired car (FJ-2-62) which was given a new serial number before being sold to Australia. In 1963, Mr. Hardner rode with him in the Australian National Championship, followed by a number of other opponents such as Len Deaton or Barry Collerson. In 2001, after a complete renovation, it was sold to the USA, from where it was taken home in 2009 by the current owner, John Dowson, who will also present the car to the Brno audience.

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