Take the Revival on the historic line

The transport company of the city of Brno is the official carrier of Revival. He has prepared two attractions for the event - the first is the possibility of arrival via the historic line and the second is a beer pub.

Regular historic tram line, whose season starts on June 23rd this year, will be extended from its usual terminus on Mendlová náměstí to the main gate of the fairgrounds, so that Revival visitors can get to the event in style. The line will always depart at ##:34 from the Exhibition Center in the direction of the city. It goes around the historic center and ends at Komenské náměstí.
From Komenské náměstí, the direction to Výstaviště will probably depart at ##:06, from Česká ##:08, from the railway station at ##:12 (it depends on road closures).
We expect the deployment of the so-called "Dřevák", i.e. a car from 1941. trolley bus historical line, there was no need to extend it — it goes to Pisárek, Jundrov and Komín, i.e. rather a scenic route along Svratka. "Historical cars" from the 60s (9Tr) are expected to be deployed here.
Ordinary fares apply on both lines, so passengers do not need to buy any special tickets, no extra charges. Due to the characteristics of the vehicles, strollers, large luggage or wheelchairs cannot be transported...

Shalina Pub will be parked in the area and you can use their services.


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