Jim Redman guest of honor at the Brno Grand Prix Revival

The legend of the world motorcycle sport, the six-time world champion in road motorcycle racing, Jim Redman, will be the guest of honor at the Brno Grand Prix Revival from July 4 to 6. 

 Jim Redman, full name James Albert Redman MBE, was born on November 8, 1931 in London. He raced in the World Motorcycle Championship from 1953–1966. He won a total of 6 World Championship titles and won 45 Grand Prix races. The first victory came in 1961 when he won the 250cc class at the Belgian Grand Prix. He last won the Dutch Tourist Trophy in 1966 in the 500cc class.

 "As a young man, I emigrated to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where my racing career also began. First I ride on a borrowed Triumph. For the first two seasons in Europe I rode a Norton and it wasn't until 1960 that I got the chance to ride a factory Honda. I went on to win four consecutive world titles in the 350cc class from 1962 to 1965 and in 1962 and 1963 it was also in the 250cc class. In 1964 I became the first driver in history to win three Grand Prix in one day (only Mike Hailwood had done the same in 1967). In 1966 I decided to end my racing career after an injury I sustained at the Belgian Grand Prix. Until 1969, I only competed in a few races in Africa. I won the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy six times in total, taking double wins in both the 250cc and 350cc classes in 1963, 1964 and 1965. I was awarded the Order of the British Empire for my achievements. I started racing again in 1995 when I raced Agostini's MV at Daytona Beach and to my great surprise I won after a 26 year break! Since then I have attended many classic bike races and won at Daytona in 1997 to prove that it was not a fluke.”

In a review of Redman's biography for The Independent, Andy Kershaw wrote: “Jim Redman whistled his way to six hard-fought World Championship titles on the most attractive racing bikes and earned a reputation as a tough competitor on the track and a shrewd professional in the pit. Compared to Redman, today's grand prix drivers are just a bunch of teenage slobs."

The Brno Grand Prix Revival is being prepared by the Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia, a civic association that continues the tradition of organizing the pre-war Czechoslovak Grand Prix at the Masaryk Circuit, and the Brno Automotodrom.

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