Thalhammer's Manx again in Brno

The famous Austrian racer Rudolf Thalhammer bought a Norton Manx 30M in July 1961 and drove it for the first time on August 27 of that year at the Grand Prix in Brno. It was also Thalhammer's first time riding an international race in the 500cc category and he went straight away for his first win. František Šťastný was in second place and Jack Findlay finished third. In addition, Thalhammer set a new one-lap record, beating Gary Hocking's year-old MV Augusta record. He also started in the category up to 350 cc, where he finished second behind František Šťastný, who lost his seat at the start and rode the entire race sitting directly on the frame tubes.

The Norton Manx 30M that Rudi Thalhammer rode will be brought to the Brno Grand Prix Revival by its current owner, Roland Grossbichler, the chairman of the Austrian club of Norton motorcycle owners and a frequent participant in the Brno-Soběšice races.

historical photos from the archive of Jaroslav Sejko

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