Target drive for historic machines

The organizers of the Brno Grand Prix Revival on July 4th to 6th prepared a plaque finish drive for the owners of historic vehicles. It will bring several significant benefits to the participants, which they most likely would not have received otherwise.

Star driving is one of the oldest motor sport activities. These proofs of the reliability and endurance of vehicles and their crews have been organized since the beginnings of motoring on the occasion of various important events. Famous were, for example, star drives organized before the start of the Monte Carlo Rally or at the start of important car shows. The target runs for the races on the Masaryk circuit on Baťa tires were known.

Because the organizers are among motoring history lovers, they have also prepared a superior offer for owners of historic vehicles up to the year of manufacture 1980. Everyone who signs up will have the opportunity to park directly in the depot among the racing machines from Friday to Sunday, receive a non-sale limited event plaque intended only for competitors and participants of the finish run and participate in accompanying events. If more club members make arrangements with the organizer ahead of time, they can also have free space for their club stand.

What all is needed? After completing the application form on the website the participant receives a letter with information and a request for payment. After payment, you will receive the entry and tickets by e-mail, everything else will be received upon arrival at the Motor Journal stand in front of the main tower.

On-site registration will no longer be possible and will be able to use the benefits of the destination drive only those who register in advance! Time flies quickly, so those of you who are interested, don't hesitate! The experience of unique races will surely be unforgettable.

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