Stanguellini FJ60

Formula Junior was intended for young ambitious drivers who were thinking of a career in Formula 1. In 1958 and 1959 the Stanguellini was the car to help them do that. The brand has secured an excellent reputation with more than 40 national and international victories in Formula Junior races. The company Automobili Stanguellini was founded in Modena by Vittorio Stanguellini in 1946. When building racing cars, Stanguellini evaluated his pre-war experience in tuning Fiats when he drove in his own Squadra Stanguellini team. His sports cars had a Fiat base and became multiple winners in the 750 and 1100 cc classes. The Formula Junior cars looked like a scaled down Maserati 250F and were very successful. Wolfgang Von Trips and Lorenzo Bandini started their careers with the Stanguellini FJ. Both then drove for the Ferrari team in Formula 1. Stanguellini built more than 100 Formula Junior cars. However, in the early 1960s, the British Cooper and Lotus cars began to compete with them. The era of the fiat 1100cc front mounted formula was over.

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