VIDEO: Racing at the Brno Exhibition Center from the perspective of a pilot

The rumble of the engines of vintage cars and motorcycles echoed through the Brno exhibition center at the weekend. At the Brno Revival festival, 120 old cars and 150 motorcycles will be presented on the race track. The great event took place at the exhibition center in the center of Brno for the third time.

"We have extraordinary motorbikes and cars here. We also have the competitors themselves here. People can take pictures with the cars, touch them," said organizer Karel Kupka from the Czechoslovak Automobile Club for Moravia and Silesia. "Another 300 or so cars and motorbikes are on display and each piece is unique."

On display was the 1902 Autocar, which regularly features at London's oldest motoring event in the world. "A copy of the Benz Patent wagon, the oldest tricycle in the world, is also on display. There are also Bugattis from the twenties, Samson, Senéchal, Morgan, as well as Zetky from Brno. Other cars are from the 1950s that people built, formulas, Škoda 130s. Everyone who is a fan of motoring will find something for themselves." Kupka calculates.

Participants from Britain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and other countries came to the event. "It's from all over Europe, but mainly we want to establish a tradition and present Czech things. We were able to make and repair a lot of things." added Kupka.

In addition to the tours, the program included several dozen races in about 20 categories, which were run after fifteen minutes. Those interested watched the exit at the start, but also overtaking around the entire race circuit. "It's a kind of racing holiday, because we're used to seeing such events only abroad. But it's not just about racing, because we're showing things that are normally only in museums and private collections." said Kupka.

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