Brno Revival Between the pavilions, or the return of races to the Brno exhibition grounds

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Fifty years, that's exactly how many years have passed since the last motor racing event held on the track in the exhibition grounds. As a reminder of these traditional car and motorcycle races, a revival took place at the Brno exhibition grounds, recalling this now almost forgotten circuit. More than 160 cars and motorbikes of various brands and categories raced on the original track, which was called "Rohlík".




The participation of our legendary riders, names like Ing. Josef Michl, Břetislav Enge, Bohumil Staša or Peter Baláz almost every fan of motor sports knows it.

Peter Baláz

The whole event was conceived in the style of similar events in the world, short drives of diverse groups of vehicles and, above all, a depot accessible to spectators, where everyone could see what interested them the most.

There were plenty of attractions for visitors. Car lovers could admire the brand's legendary cars Bugatti, many different types of Czechoslovak formulas, well-known and less well-known Skoda cars and other attractions. If you didn't find something in the depot, the pavilion was still open AND, there except cars BMW, Alfa Romeo or replicas of the first motor car he produced in 1885 Karl Benz, it was possible to see, for example, gendarmes of the First Republic and their motorcycles.

Motorcycles were abundantly represented at this event, pre-war beauties Norton CS1, Rudge or BMW. They reminded us of the glory of our machines JAWA 500 OHC, CZ Walter or ACE. And the best racing bike of its time JAWA 350 type 673 from 1967. The National Technical Museum prepared several beautiful machines, at random JAWA 250R from 1959, this particular motorcycle was ridden between 1959 and 1963 František Šťastny.

Sides, the oldest from 1930, and newer ones, for example, were a separate chapter Moto GuzziMiroslava Medek or Honda CB sideRoman Sedláček we can see it on racing circuits even today. Especially these fighters on the side really gave everything to their rides and showed the audience their art in full beauty.

The entire event was commented by a legend Karel Březina, even though Saturday was rainy, the spectators made their way to BVV they found and certainly did not regret it. To the organizers around Mr Karel Kupka a big thank you and we can only wish that a similar event takes place in Brno more often.

Brno Revival Between the pavilions, or the return of races to the Brno exhibition grounds

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