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The Dragon formula of the legendary Brno racer raced between the pavilions of the exhibition center /REPORTÁŽ/ – The roar of engines echoes throughout the Brno exhibition center. In addition, the smell of gasoline is added to the soundscape. But fair visitors don't mind, that's what they came for. After fifty years, racing cars and motorbikes race between the pavilions again.

"The last year of the race was held in 1967. We wanted to commemorate it with this non-competitive parade. If it succeeds, we will hold the event every year,” says Karel Kupka, organizer of the Brno Revival between pavilions show.

Among the spectators who surrounded the race track, there is a strong predominance of men. Many of them also came with children. "We came here from Prague for a one-day trip. The wife spends time in the city with her friends, but my son and I went to see the cars and motorcycles, of which there are quite a few. There are also unique items," praises Jan Hrdina.

In addition to Hrdina and other fathers with children, some witnesses of the original races also came to see the fairgrounds. For example, Karel Jaroš arrived, who fifty years ago, as a seventeen-year-old, helped at the circuit with the maintenance and repairs of the racing formula for driver Otto Buchberger. "Until about 1964, old front-engined cars drove here, but then Buchberger designed and built the so-called Formula F3, which was already a new concept car. It differed, for example, in that the rider was lying in it and the engine was in the back," he tells the story from the Jaroš exhibition circuit.


Buchberger's racing car was called Drak. “He gradually built three. My father was designing an engine for him. I drove it here today, it's still a fast car. He can drive at 200, but here we have a short circuit, I have not driven more than 150 kilometers per hour," Jaroš admitted with amusement.

According to him, the surface at the fairground is bad, especially in the part of the track where there are granite blocks. "The car slides on them even when it's dry, let alone now that it's been raining," added the witness.

Rain is probably the only thing that spoils the parade of racing cars. "However, we have prepared the A2 pavilion for him, where people can hide and where you can see the exhibition of historical as well as contemporary cars. We cooperate with the Brno Technical Museum," explains organizer Kupka.

Kupka would like to turn the Mezi pavilony show, which he is organizing for the first time this year, into a traditional event. "Abroad, for example in France or Italy, it is so common. The Brno exhibition center, which is beautiful and has its own historical spirit, is crowded with other events. We had a hard time looking for a date for us. Hopefully we will succeed and establish a tradition," Kupka hopes.

Source: https://brnensky.denik.cz/zpravy_region/mezi-pavilony-vystaviste-se-prohanela-i-padesatileta-formule-drak-20170716.html

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